Every year during Christmas, ASC spreads joy and happiness by distributing gifts to children inside and outside of the Assyrian community. This year was even more special since we received help from  L’Orient Le Jour and Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) in the form of 400 gifts donated for children.

Volunteers were asked to pick up the gifts from the USJ campus in Beirut; 400 gifts were loaded and wrapped to be ready before Christmas eve.

Everyone in ASC took part in the preparation for the big event: wrapping gifts, preparing invitations for families, taking precautionary measures against COVID-19, and making sure that all the regions we operate in received gifts, including Achrafieh, Hadath, and Zahle.

Precautions for the coronavirus were important, which  is why we had to divide families by last name to prevent contact with a lot of people.

The event was complete with an animation section and allowed the kids to play, enjoy the day, take pictures with Santa Claus, and receive a gift at the end .

Kids and parents enjoyed this event and were grateful, especially since the situation in Lebanon is hard on everyone.