The Assyrian Church of the East Support Committee in Lebanon launched its first Students, Graduates, and Specialists Seminar on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at the Hilton Hotel in Beirut. Sixty people participated in the program that aims to gather academics to work together in order to support the education and career of different groups within the community.

Moreover, the program aims to link and develop their capacities in order to have better careers, stronger family ties, and a better community.

The committee presented an overview of its projects across all sectors, then presented details about the seminar and its objectives. Then, during an activity that served as an icebreaker, the participants exchanged their personal information to communicate in an entertaining manner.

Twelve teams were formed to analyze twelve different issues that youth face during their education and in their careers. They then needed to provide innovative solutions to support anyone facing life challenges. Also, they provided solutions on how to be effective in society, overcome failure, and achieve success.

After the coffee break, all the groups presented their brainstorming results and proposals to be discussed with the rest of the participants. In addition, each group presented a practical proposal to support and develop society in general, with a view to putting it into practice through this meeting and its outcome. The meeting ended with individual evaluations and a group photo.

The organizing committee would like to point out that the program was prepared and organized to include as many participants as possible. The call was made through communication with the church committees in all Lebanese regions and through other connections. Therefore, the organizing committee apologized in advance to anyone who was not invited. We suggest registering information on the link attached at the end of this publication for the future.

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