Future Vision


The Assyrian Support Committee members look forward to over-come this critical stage in the life of every Assyrian living in Lebanon. On the other hand, in spite of the big responsibility that entrusted to the committee, we are looking forward to providing a better future to our Assyrian community in the east starting from Lebanon. We look forward to overcome the recent happenings by sticking together and increasing our group work to revive the principals which the committee was established on, and which help uphold our Assyrian community by supporting each individual Assyrian decisions. The future vision of the Assyrian Support [...]

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Applied Steps in Figures and Statistics


It was inevitable at the beginning of this stage to work on two levels; material support of the committee and possessing accurate statistics of the Assyrian refugees in Lebanon. Thus started a parallel work on these points. As for foundation there were a lot of supporters; besides H.B Mar Meelis Zaya who donated in the name of Rabn Hermiz Parish in Sydney, the Assyrian National Council “Metwa” and Sign of Hope e.V. As for statistics it was necessary to set a database categorized by families, in the sense that each refugee family fills out a special application, then the information were [...]

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