MHPSS for Children: Painting Self-Portraits for Discussion


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) is a continuous project that includes activities enjoyed by children, such as painting self-portraits and discussing these portraits once finished. On the 16th of December, our social worker decided to let the children paint and get creative with the activity. While painting themselves, they started talking about their likes and dislikes, past experiences with their parents, and things that are on their minds. After finishing, they started explaining why they painted themselves the way that they did and how they felt while painting. However, some kids might feel like the painting they did was [...]

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ASC Supports Children’s Mental Health with MHPSS Sessions


MHPSS, also known as Mental Health and Psychological Support, is support that people receive to protect their mental health. We believe that children are the future, which is why ASC has been working with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) since 16 November 2020 to support children's mental health, especially that the struggles of many go unnoticed by parents. Our MHPSS project divides children into three groups according to their ages. Each group attends an hour and a half session, where its members participate in relevant activities that are mindful of social distancing. On average, our sessions are attended by 30 to [...]

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CFS Trip to Hillout Village


In May 2017, the committee organized a recreational trip for the kids of Children Friendly Space (CFS) to the family-friendly Hillout Village in Khenchara, Mount Lebanon. There, the children took part in a number of activities like rope climbing, wall climbing, and karting. All the activities were safely monitored.

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