During the first five months of the year 2013, the number of people coming from Syria was growing at a rapid pace. Right from the beginning, the members of the committee sensed the huge crisis and it was inevitable to determine the obstacles and challenges ahead of every Assyrian refugee in Lebanon. Accordingly, we concluded to adequate support on several levels, as it was the responsibility of the committee to provide them to the Assyrian refugee in Lebanon. These being:


•Living conditions;

•Health care;



At this stage, the committee members were following up the assessment of the situation with some of the public and private organizations in Lebanon, which have long experience with social work to benefit from their experiences and using them to develop the work of the committee and make it more effective and productive to the Assyrian individual.

After we finished the first phase of the situation diagnosis and road map of the obstacles every refugee is facing, the second and hardest phase started, namely the actual application of the thoughts and steps in the action plan.